5/16" Titanium Sewer Lid Kit - Choose Angle

5/16" Titanium Sewer Lid Kit - Choose Angle


DLC Coated Titanium Sewer Locks and Nitro Steel Sewer Lids (Choose angle below)

Set Installed Height (Must be used with .250" tip length valves) 

.3100" / .3110" Stem Diameter

10° (TVCL-200-10) or 8° Angle (TVCL-200-8)

Radial Groove

Interlocking Sewer Lid Lash Cap System is step up from the "normal" style of keeper and lash cap. The Sewer Lid provides 30% more surface area than a normal lash cap giving your valvetrain the stability and security it needs to remain intact in high-revving, tire spinning scenarios. It is used by the top engine builders and racers for piece of mind and virtually eliminates the possibility of a keeper or lash cap coming off during running of the engine. 

*Each Kit Includes 16 Sewer Lash Caps, 16 Pair of Titanium Locks and 16 Ti-17 Titanium Retainers. Enough to do one V8 Engine. 

Retainer Style:
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