Intelligent Coatings

Victory 1 Performance has expanded their horizons and has made the move to offer their own proprietary in-house coating. From raw material, to the forging, machining, microfinishing, and now coating, is done in-house under our roof for complete control of quality, and 100% confidentiality.

Custom coatings are available if you require.

Materials - Applies to non-porous metals, coating does not adhere to porous metals such as brass, cast iron, sintered materials, and similar metals.

Surface finish - intel® provides maximum benefits on smooth surfaces. A finish of 4 microinch or better is desired, and it's done in-house at our microfinishing facility. Coatings are only as good as the surface below them; the smoother the surface, the better intel® adheres and performs. Friction and wear are major factors limiting the performance and service life of precision components. Coating them with intel® is the most effective and frequently the only possibility of making a decisive difference to their operational performance.

  • intel® enables innovative power-train concepts to become reality.

  • intel® improves the wear resistance and service life of components, lengthening service intervals and reducing the demand for spare parts

  • intel® permits tighter tolerances, and the use of lighter materials, reducing weight in the valvetrain

  • intel® reduces friction losses in the engine, increasing overall valvetrain efficiency

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