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The Leader in Forged Engine Valves.

Victory 1 Performance has an award winning research and development department which offers tailored solution to each customer's needs. With Victory 1 Valves and valvetrain components, you're not only purchasing the best product on the market, you're buying a service. With twenty-two years of materials science, machining, forging and heat treating know-how, Victory 1 will take you to the winner's circle. Whether you need one piece or ten-thousand pieces - We can handle it in a timely fashion. Meeting deadlines and providing quality technical help is our passion. 

Quality Materials make a Difference. Period.


"Victory is the industry leader in material heat treatment and metallurgical studies for engine components."

World Class Valves, used by world class engine builders.

All Victory Titanium valves are manufactured from mil-spec certified material with a higher silicon content for superior heat and fatigue resistance. Our titanium valves have proven themselves in every demanding application.

We can custom manufacture to any specifications you supply… any overall length, head diameter, seat angle, and profile is possible… with 100% confidentiality.

Most custom valve orders ship within two weeks. We offer a one-stop-shop for all components, get the right keeper, and retainer combo for optimum fitment today!


“Not just knowledge, Know-how!

Victory 1 Performance has set the bar for quality and lead-time in the high performance manufacturing industry. We are reminded daily that racing is a peoples business, and that’s who we’ve been catering to for the last twenty-two years. Whether you’re an engine builder, performance enthusiast, cylinder head manufacturer, race team, or at any part involved in the motorsports industry, rest assured that with Victory 1 components, you will be taken care of. 

Our offices and manufacturing facility is located in Mooresville, North Carolina; otherwise known as “Race City USA.” All of our one piece titanium valves, lash caps, retainers, and other valvetrain components are manufactured proudly in-house, under our roof, in the USA. 

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"How refreshing to deal with a company that does what they say they will do. Thanks so much for the timely turn around for my valve order! "

— Jim Haines, High Output Engineering