The right components...

One of the most important parts in an engine’s valve train is often overlooked because it is considered a low cost component readily available for purchase in mass quantities.

Assembly of a proper valve lock combination is crucial for engine stability and endurance in every application, whether high performance or not. Although manufacturing techniques differ from valve suppliers, the process of inserting a hardened tip into a titanium valve is relatively similar. A precision hole is drilled and held to exact tolerances that enables a knurled steel “hard tip” to be pressed into place, creating an interference fit.

It is always recommended that engine builders only run recessed valve locks if combined with lash caps. Side Note: Industry standard does not recommend using lash caps on top of hard tipped inserts.

Running lash caps on top of hard tipped valves will result in failure.

As you can see in the above images, the bottom of the recess on the valve lock is in the exact location of the bottom of the drilled hole. Valve float, over-revving and even tweaked assembly can cause failure, resulting in pulling the entire tip off the valve.

It is recommended to run either captive style (shoulder) locks or a non-recessed lock to prevent tip failure.   Victory 1 has the valve locks you need for your combination. If you have assembled motors, it’s imperative that you swap to correct locks and inspect the current parts before re-assembly at your earliest convenience.

Please do not overlook the value of the keeper - Improperly fitting locks can destroy a motor.

Derek Dahl