Wrist Pins

Piston Pin Perfection...

All Victory 1 Wrist pins are precision machined and centerless ground within 30 millionths ensuring proper fitment and increased life expectancy. Each pin is then microfinished to an industry leading 1 or less Ra Microinch on the OD and ID surfaces, then sent through Quality Assurance to check for dimensional accuracy.

Our superior surface finish allows our proprietary DLC coating to work to its maximum potential, eliminating galling, and reducing cost over time. We stock standard wrist pins sizes, coated and uncoated in a variety of materials for different applications. Call us today!

Titanium Wrist Pins

We've been manufacturing titanium wrist pins in house for nearly two decades. Victory Titanium wristpins have proven themselves in multiple demanding applications needing the ultimate weight savings, such as circle track, powersports, and drag racing.. Each titanium pin is microfinished and DLC coated for optimum life and reduced galling. Please see our online catalog for list of in-stock sizes ready to ship! Many custom sizes are available per request.

Powdered Metal Wrist Pins

Improved quality tool steel compared to conventionally manufactured wrist pin material. The powder metallurgy process results in a homogeneous microstructure exhibiting a uniform distribution of fine carbides with essentially no carbide segregation.

Powdered Metal Pins have a finer grain size, much better toughness, and superior grindability in the heat treated condition compared to those made from conventional materials. The higher carbon content (1.00% vs. 0.85%) of PM permits higher attainable hardness. It also offers improved hardenability for excellent microfinishing capabilities.

TF8 Wrist Pins

Top of the line US regulated material for material cleanliness. Call for a quote. All TF8 Pins are made specifically to order and could command a 8-12 week delivery window for manufacturing.