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Micro finishing / Super Finishing

Victory 1 Performance's in-house microfinishing facility is the industry leader for surface finish on racing components. No other manufacturer can acquire a < 1 Ra MICROINCH on all critical part areas.

Micro finishing is an polishing process that allows our customers to:

  •  Obtain very consistent surface finishes predictably and repeatably.
  •  Achieve virtually any surface finish - Ra, Rz, Tr, Rp, RPK bearing.
  •  Remove amorphous layer (thermally damaged surface layer caused by grinding).
  •  Eliminate microscopic burrs left by the grinding operation.
  •  Remove defects from the grinding operation - traverse, chatter, fishtails.
  •  Improve geometry - roundness, flatness, etc.
  •  Improve efficiency.
  •  Reduce friction.
  •  Improve overall coating effectiveness.


Our Micro finishing process is unique, and proprietary; a desired profile is generated not formed, Micro finishing removes surface defects caused by previous operations and produces superior geometry and surface characteristics. The abrasive under an extremely low and constant force, will produce the repeatable surface qualities required without generating heat. In our in-house finishing process, the abrasives determine the rate and duration of the feed depending upon the incoming conditions.

Once the abrasive has removed the incoming roughness, and has reached the solid base material, the stock removal rate will dramatically reduce to the point that the abrasive will dull. Once this happens, the geometry portion of the process will be completed and the second stage begins. A measurable amount of stock will no longer be removed, the abrasive will act as a finishing tool and create the required finish. The abrasive specifications are chosen for the ability to remove the defects and roughness, produce the desired geometry and surface finish. This process induces no metallurgical alteration and provides a clean micro-finished component.